Saturday, October 8, 2011

Transitioning to Chimera Research Group

To All Visitors & Subcribers,

I want to thank you for visiting over the past few years. It has been my pleasure to provide what I hope has been the most relevant and insightful content in the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors.

I am proud to announce that Jason Chew, Tony Pelz, Tro Kalayjian, Richard Kursman, and I have co-founded Chimera Research Group, where I will be serving as a Senior Writer and Chief Research Officer. On Wednesday, October 12th, the site will officially launch.

Chimera Research Group will provide completely independent, actionable investment and trading ideas backed by comprehensive research and analysis for listed companies in the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors. Our coverage will focus on early stage companies with impending FDA decisions or clinical trial results, in addition to mid-to-large cap bio-pharma companies with known catalysts.

I appreciate your patronage and I hope you will continue to follow my work at Chimera Research Group, where my co-founders and I will provide the best content available in the bio-pharmaceutical sectors. Please visit for more information.


Patrick Crutcher